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I participated in General Assembly's very first West Coast Hackathon in December 2021. My 8-member team, Merry Merry, won 1st place!

The challenge was to create an app that would address difficulties delivery drivers face during the holiday season. As a team, we decided to focus our attention on long-haul truck drivers.


Looking at the statistics (representing year-round numbers): 27.9% of long-haul truck drivers struggle with loneliness, and 26.9% of long-haul truck drivers suffer from some form of depression.

Long-haul truck drivers spend most of their time driving, taking small breaks for food and restroom.

We realize that not everyone is comfortable with therapy. Through user interviews, we were told that sometimes just talking with another truck driver going through the same day-to-day is therapy in and of itself. Enter 10-44 Connection Received!


Creating a user flow based on the happy path from our prototypes, the user would open the app, be greeted by our landing page, and be given the option to log in or sign up.


In this case the user would sign up, complete the onboarding process which includes creating a user name, adding their interests and viewing their matches.


Once they viewed their matches (or if they skipped this step), they would be taken to the app’s home page which would give them a few different options. They would be able to directly message a match (or buddy), view and edit their own profile or view other profiles from their matches (or buddies).


As a UX/UI team, we all agreed to keep the overall design simple. As we worked with our SEI team, we wanted to make sure that what we were designing was feasible for the amount of time we were given for this challenge.


We went back and forth a few times between the teams and made some compromises that we were really happy with in the end. There were additional pages that we designed but for the sake of time, we kept to the onboarding screens (which you see you here) minus adding a location and the pages that were part of the user’s overall experience once they completed the onboarding process.


I was a bit apprehensive about participating in this event, but I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.


It was a great experience seeing both the Software Engineers and the Designers work collaboratively to create something that we were proud of, and to see what goes on behind the scenes of designing an app/software.

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