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Lile Staging and Design is a family-owned staging business run by mother and son team Laurie and Ryan Lile, located in Seattle, Washington.

Laurie and Ryan combined forces in 2017 when Ryan's Real Estate sales business and Laurie's vast experience in the Interior Design space led to a seemingly inevitable partnership.

What started as a fun hobby and side-gig in 2017 is now a full-time staging business for Laurie, with Ryan contributing as the Co-Founder and Director of Operations.


  1. Establish brand identity.

  2. Design and order business cards.

  3. Design a website using the Wix platform.

  4. Assist with Instagram branding and posting.


Based on examples from different websites they'd seen, Laurie and Ryan had only a few specific requests. The rest was up to me! I was provided with creative freedom to design. 

Laurie and Ryan wanted their website to:

  1. Have a clear, easy to navigate main menu that could be seen on all pages of the site.

  2. Captivate potential clients with stunning photos that would showcase Laurie's design style and staging expertise.

  3. Show the dramatic difference of staging a home with a before and after slider feature.

  4. Provide an easy way for potential clients to contact them.


"Jessica is highly organized, systems-oriented, persistent, and knowledgeable in all things tech. She has a unique ability to work with creative people by translating their vision into easily understood marketable information. I could not be happier with my website, Instagram, and branded marketing materials. She makes me look good!"



Founder & Interior Designer


I'm currently managing Lile Staging and Design's Instagram account. This includes a posting schedule of 2-3 times per week. I create videos, reels, and posts based on content provided to me by Laurie and Ryan.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Laurie and Ryan! It's been fun working with clients that completely trust me and give me creative freedom to design.

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