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This was an academic group, client project completed as a UX/UI student at General Assembly.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Purposerosa originally started as a jewelry company made with repurposed materials. What came together as a passion project for Afro Latinx sisters Yaminah and Yarminiah Rosa, Purposerosa quickly great from their love for people and the environment.

"There is a more spiritual side of what we do: creating content, hosting events, getting people connected to other folks that push them to deepen their purpose", Yarminiah told us during our project kick off meeting.


Yarminiah wanted a user flow that helped users quickly understand who they are and what they do.

With only 3-weeks, our team decided to focus on redesigning three specific pages of the website.

  1. The landing page, including the main navigation, with a newsletter sign up.

  2. New events page. At the start of the project, there wasn't a designated page for upcoming events. Users found event information through blog and Instagram posts.

  3. The #purposeis page and form.


  1. Present information so users have a very clear idea of the mission and purpose?

  2. Design the navigation for a highly organized and efficient experience?

  3. Allow the imagery and videos to carry the story of the brand?

  4. Build brand trust to encourage user engagement?

Newsletter User Flow

Events User Flow

#purposeis User Flow

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