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Jessica Ritter

my story

With 16-years of professional experience, I have a proven expertise and a passion for Business Operations, Human Resources, Administrative Support, and IT Management. I am devoted to finding efficient, innovative and creative ways to overcome daily challenges, with a proven ability to help lead a company to make the right decisions in fast-paced environments.

I look around corners and anticipate needs, building collaborative business relationships with stakeholders, cross-functional teams, and employees alike. I find deep satisfaction in working hard, being productive, and have a constant hunger to learn and grow.

I've naturally gravitated towards and have been fascinated with UX/UI design which grew my curiosity of connecting the art and aesthetic of design with consistent, efficient, and enjoyable experiences for all users. In September of 2021, I completed General Assembly’s User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design Bootcamp course.

So, who am I outside of my professional life? I'm a dog mama to Nala Bear (my Royal Frenchel). You can find me enjoying the outdoors, spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends, traveling (Disneyland is my happy place), and singin’ my heart out to some of my favorite artists (Brandie Carlile being at the TOP of my list). I'm also a gamer and enjoy getting lost in the creative worlds of games (most often as a Hunter Guardian in Destiny 2).

Hit me up! I'm an open book and feel privileged to share my story. I enjoy meeting new people like you: hearing your stories, your passions, and learning what drives you.


You can hear some of my story here through my interview on the More Than An Admin podcast.

I look forward to hearing from you!

You know how sometimes you work in a different area of an org than somebody, and whenever you get to collab you're reminded afresh of how thoroughly amazing that person is? That was my experience with Jessica. Knows her stuff backwards and forwards, always goes the extra mile (and a half), all about the larger team, gives feedback that sweats the big picture and the details (and the let-me-also-give-you-a-visual Figmas), seems to just love what she does. I can't wait to work with her again - and if you're hiring, I think you've found your new star!

Andrew Sage, Ed. D

Technical Product Manager



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